Hi, my name is Bas Wenneker.

I enjoy hustling, hacking and sports.

Here I collect stuff I left on the internet and tell you a little bit more about myself.
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Stuff you can find here: publications, my career path and, projects, .

Articles I wrote


A curated list of customer development resources (40+) 📖

Once, I was the guy who thought ‘if I build this, they will come’. And of course, they didn’t. Don’t make the same mistake, read this.


The 4 ingredients every startup idea should have 🥗

Most people have startup/business ideas. 99% of those ideas are sh*t. Read this to make your ideas great again!


7 reasons why people skip customer interviews while they shouldn’t

To all (aspiring) entrepreneurs, this 5-minute read will make you smile and you'll learn something at the same time. Go!


Start A/B testing your website with Google Optimize in just 5 minutes

How to use Google Optimize to visually make changes to a website and A/B test it with the original.


9 Reasons Why SaaS Subscription Pricing is the 💣💥

At We Are Builders we like the subscription pricing model for our SaaS startups. Here are 9 reasons why businesses and customers do too.

My professional career

2016 - now

We Are Builders - Customer Development Specialist

Assisting startups with getting to awesome products and great business models.

2013 - 2016

BPSolutions - Software Consultant

Responsible for overall enablement of software sales, software presales support, consultative selling and training (IBM, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP etc.).

2011 - 2013

KPN Consulting - Software Consultant & Project Manager

Project manager and consultant/trainer role in migration projects (Microsoft Windows and IP-Telephony), mainly in the Dutch banking sector.
Reckoned as 'high potential' young professional and part of the awarded 'High performing team 2013' at ING Bank.

2007 - 2011

Solware - Scrum Master & Software Engineer

Scrum Master of a 4 fte. team working on several greenfield and existing Software-as-a-Service web applications.

I'm proud of these personal projects

2016 - now


Benchmarket is an online platform for (brick-and-mortar) store owners to compare turnover and visitor related metrics with those of other local stores. Currently running a pilot in Delft, The Netherlands.

2016 - now


Buikpluis is an e-commerce business selling handmade tipis for cats. The tipis are made by Stichting Stunt from Delft, a local 'sheltered workplace'.